Skecher's GoRun 2

I wanted to review some of the products I have used in my pursuit of a minimalist, frugal life. These shoes are my favorites “minimalist” shoes. I found that the lighter the shoe, the further I could walk. These shoes only weigh about 7 ounces, but are really tough. It feels fine walking over rough ground or rocks. The soles are tough, although round buttons on the bottom seem to get a little slick when wet. The top is a mesh, so it keeps my feet cool even in hot weather.

I’m not really a runner, but I prefer to walk long distances as a kind of meditation. I found that I did have to wear some kind of socks because I did get blisters with them sometimes. I used to use them walking around San Ramon and Danville, CA. On one walk, I did about 22 km, which still holds the longest walk I’ve ever recorded. I’ve taken them to hike around Bell Rock in Sedona, AZ, too.

If you follow the link above, you will see that Skechers no longer sells them. The shoe they now call “Go Run”, is more like casual “loafer”, losing all the benefits of walking, jogging or running, and they now cost more than twice as much. I got some for the office, since they had black color, but it violated my rule of spending more than $30 for shoes.

I hope that Skechers brings back this model of shoe, or creates an alternative line of ultralight running shoe, but it has been several years, so I guess I can only recommend looking at some similar models from other manufacturers.

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