TSLA Trail Running Shoe

TSLA Men’s Trail Runing Minimalist Barefoot Shoe

I haven’t been able to get outside for walking lately, so I got a Treadmill from CostCo. I decided to get this shoe for indoor use on the rough treadmill fabric. It looked ideal for me as it said “Minimalist” and “Barefoot”, and it was around $35. I saw in the description that they suggested buyers to go up 1/2 a size, so I bought a size 10, instead of my usual 9.5.

Foot Diagram.

So, I have “Morton’s foot” or “Morton’s Toe” or “Greek Foot”. Most people have “Egyptian” foot, where the big toe is the longest toe, while my second toe is longer than my big toe. This shoe has a hard rubber sole which also wraps around the toes. I found that on long distances, my second toe kept hitting the end of the shoe, so I couldn’t use it for long treadmill workouts.

However, the shoe is really comfortable, doesn’t require tying, breathes well and the bottom of my feet were very well protected. Maybe I’ll go back to this shoe if I can stretch out the area around my second toe.

TSLA bottom

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