Yalox Water Shoes

I got these shoes due to the discomfort from the TSLA shoes. They are advertized as being less than 100 grams, and they show 61 styles of colors on the page. They were definitely very comfortable. They were like part sock with a rubber-like plastic sole. I’ve ended up sticking with this shoe for workouts on the treadmill. It has the protection from the treadmill’s fabric and kept my feet cool while walking. They are listed as “Swimming Aqua Socks, Quick-Dry … Surfing … Pool”, but I haven’t tried them in water yet.fff

I can walk on rocks okay, but could still feel a little bit through the sole, so it might not be that useable on long distances over rough or hot surfaces. After a few weeks, the inside liner on top of the sole popped out completely. I can put it back in, but it feels like it is slipping around on the inside and might not be so well aligned. It doesn’t bother me too much, even on more intense workouts, (running up to 8 kph).

Yalox from side

I found that I need to adjust the top, which is really just thin fabric, so it sits on top of my foot and doesn’t cause too much rubbing. It seems more suited to very casual use and doesn’t feel very natural, but I suppose it can be used for my infrequent workouts.

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