Zemgear 360 Ninja

ZemGear 360 Ninja Split-Toe Running Shoes

When I first got into minimalist/barefoot running, the most common image was “foot glove” shoe with a pocket for every toe. I couldn’t bring myself to trying that immediately, knowing I have a weird shape foot – I imagined my toes being pulled into whatever they considered “normal” shape. However, I did realize the benefit of allowing some freedom between the big toe and the rest of the toes, so I splurged and got this one. It currently sells for $50-$60, so it is about double my guideline price for these kinds of shoes.

This has been a good shoe. Although the edge from the upper fabric to the sole is a bit loose and the upper fabric seems to stick to the top of my foot pretty close, I’ve used it for walking on trails and on my treadmill and felt the effects of walking with minimal shoes. The sole feels very good on any terrain. It does seem to lose traction when it gets wet. I also get a few funny looks from people who see the shoe, although at a casual glance, it just looks like sports shoe. the split isn’t that noticeable from the top.

Zemgear 360 Ninja

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