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Cangik takes a selfie

This website is part of my effort to explore “passive income” and “side gigs”. A few people said that one route is to create designs for t-shirts and other products. One idea I came up with was based on Indonesian culture.

TSLA Trail Running Shoe

TSLA Men’s Trail Runing Minimalist Barefoot Shoe I haven’t been able to get outside for walking lately, so I got a Treadmill from CostCo. I decided to get this shoe for indoor use on the rough treadmill fabric.

Yalox Water Shoes

I got these shoes due to the discomfort from the TSLA shoes. They are advertized as being less than 100 grams, and they show 61 styles of colors on the page.

Zemgear 360 Ninja

ZemGear 360 Ninja Split-Toe Running Shoes When I first got into minimalist/barefoot running, the most common image was “foot glove” shoe with a pocket for every toe. I couldn’t bring myself to trying that immediately, knowing I have a weird shape foot – I imagined my toes being pulled into whatever they considered “normal” shape.